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Professionally Cleaned Air Ducts

Feb 2, 2022Uncategorized0 comments

Air ducts

In a central air conditioning system, air ducts are a crucial component as they circulate air throughout your home or business. Dirty air ducts can only circulate dirty air, which makes keeping this element of your HVAC system in top condition. To help you understand the process of thoroughly cleaning air ducts, we walk through a few points of proper duct cleaning here.

The first step to ensuring a clean HVAC system is by working with licensed, experienced technicians. When choosing your cleaning team, be sure to ask for references, a detailed price quote, and even ask for them to show you the dirty areas of your ducts that warrant a professional cleaning!

The actual cleaning process itself requires many points to be considered. The equipment your cleaning team can make all the difference: be sure to discuss what equipment will be used and why this equipment is ideal for your specific duct job. It is necessary to clean all components of the system, including the cooling coils, heat exchange surface, humidifiers, drain pans, and more, to ensure your system does not continue to circulate contaminated air.

With the team at Extreme Residential, our years of experience and hundreds of loyal customers let you know your air ducts are in good hands. call extreme at one of our locations